It takes approximately 2 to 5 working days for your package to be delivered to you. Please note that delivery times are not guaranteed. The shipping date of your package is influenced by several factors outside of our control including weather conditions (e.g. there are occasional spells of bad weather and even snowstorms in the UK during the winter which can cause flight delays and cancellations.)

Furthermore, at peak shopping periods (from Black Friday in November to the end of the January sales) when there are extremely high volumes of cargo being shipped through UK airports and backlogs in Customs on arrival, processing times might be a bit longer than usual. 

Most retailers accept international credit or debit cards; however, some will require you to have a UK billing address. In these instances, you can usually ask your bank to add the warehouse address as a second billing address or virtual billing address on their system. But in the event that a retailer does not accept international cards, we can make the purchase for you.

Your packages can be collected from the courier company’s locations (which may include a service point, packstation or automated storage locker), or they can be delivered to your home or office.

Yes, you can. The person collecting must be able to quote the tracking number, show a copy of your photo identification, and provide a signed letter from you authorising them to collect your package. They will also need to show their own valid photo identification.

With our Courier service, you can ship packages that weigh as much as 500 kg. Small packages (up to 15kg) benefit from our special discounted rates to Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

We also offer ocean freight for larger items like furniture, appliances and heavy equipment and plant destined for the Caribbean.

In most instances packages can be delivered to your door; couriers can deliver shipments to most addresses except post office boxes and military bases. In a few instances, including some remote areas, you may need to go to the courier’s depot or service point to pay the customs charges and collect your packages.

You pay the shipping / courier charges online using a credit card, Visa debit card or PayPal, prior to your package being shipped to you.

You will need to pay the customs charges separately after your items are cleared through customs, using cash, or with your debit or credit card. (The courier company pays the customs charges on your behalf in order to clear your shipment, so you will need to reimburse them.)

In the UK the standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. The plug type is Type G. Before purchasing electrical items it is advisable to first check that your sockets and voltage are compatible.

For television sets the British standard is PAL, whereas in some countries, the NTSC standard is in use.

Yes, items can be dropped off at our UK warehouse by your friends, relatives or other associates. You or they will need to notify us in advance. We will physically examine the packages, verify weight and value, and issue a Warehouse Receipt to the person who made the delivery. The person making the delivery must present photo ID.

Yes, we can hold packages for you and ship them together when all been delivered to our warehouse. You will need to give us advance notice by email or by logging into your dashboard and sending us a pre-alert for each package.

We may be able to assist with the export customs paperwork that would allow a UK retailer to zero-rate the goods they sell to you. You would need to provide the retailer’s EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) number, and an original invoice from them for the goods. Please note that we charge £20 per shipment to handle the customs paperwork required for proof of export, so the value of the goods should be substantial for it to really be worth your while.