Our partnerships with courier companies including DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT enable us to get very competitive rates for our customers.You can use the rate calculator  to get the shipping and handling rates to your destination country.

Please note that the weight that determines your shipping and handling charges will be either the actual weight or the dimensional weight of the package, whichever is higher. (Dimensional weight in kilograms is calculated by multiplying the length by breadth by height of the package in centimetres and dividing the result by 5000.)

When we receive your package at our UK warehouse, we weigh and measure it and determine the cost of shipping and handling, which is then uploaded to your dashboard. You will need to pay using a credit card, Visa debit card, or PayPal before the item is shipped.

In addition to shipping and handling charges, customs charges may also apply when your packages get to the destination country. We ask you to send us a copy of the purchase invoice from the retailer, so that the customs charges can be accurately applied. Any customs charges will be paid on your behalf by the courier company when your package on arrival. You will need to reimburse the courier company for the customs charges and make arrangements for collection or delivery to you.


Send us the details of your cargo – description of the items, weight and dimensions including the packaging – and we will provide you with a quotation for shipping and handling. Let us know if you also need us to collect your barrel, box, crate, container or vehicle and we will advise of the cost.



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